Body Movement: Dorine Mugisha


About the Founder

Dorine Mugisha, the visionary behind Body Movement, is a performer, choreographer, retreat leader and projects manager. Born and raised in France with Tanzanian roots, she currently resides in the UK. She is inspired by an array of cultures having travelled over 30 countries, and speaks 4 languages; this informs a lot of her work

She has a degree in Law & Sociology, experience working in the charity sector for over 10 years and recently obtained her IAFPD Primary Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Coaching. Her diverse background reflects a deep understanding of the intersections of culture, well-being, and community engagement.

Body Movement is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of movement in enhancing both physical and mental well-being, at your own pace. Whether you engage in a retreat, class, event, or opt for a bespoke experience, the overarching goal is to facilitate a space for recharging, reconnecting, and renewing. Feelings first.

Photos by Amy Sinead


Over the past year, Dorine Mugisha has been captivating audiences with her solo performance titled 'Asili' (meaning Origins in Swahili). Through this expressive piece, she delves into her multicultural upbringing, navigating the intricacies of adapting to diverse people, places, and institutions—a profound journey of self-discovery and acceptance. 'Asili' has been showcased at various venues, including Breakin Convention London, We Rise Festival Aberdeen, All Europe Waacking Festival Paris, and as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Looking ahead, Dorine is eager to continue sharing and developing this impactful work.

One4Review, 5 Stars: "Dorine Mugisha takes you on her multicultural journey of self-discovery as she navigates and adapts to systems, people and places. You just can’t take your eyes off her as she performs the most incredible arm movements, creating shapes and poses above and around her head. She makes amazing use of the space around her in this highly energetic performance."

Morning Star, 5 Stars: "With its bold observational/confessional script and urgent stage navigation Asili is a thriving nugget of succinct abundance."

Broadway Baby, 4 Stars: "You see her embrace her heritage and alternate dance traditions to find freer expression with mind-blowing choreography that finds flow, feminine power and defiance. It’s a truly breath-taking work"

Credits: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023, All Europe Waacking Festival Paris 2023, We Are Here Festival Aberdeen 2023, Breakin Convention London 2023, Winner Waack the World Thessaloniki 2022,Winner Disconnection Jam London 2021, Winner World of Dance UK (The Archetype) 2017.